"We do a lot to Make the Children of the WORLD Happy"

FFS is a Singapore-based adoption agency. With our professional care, we help to build families.

Adoption involves many personal things and confidential details. We are experienced professionals and know the importance of keeping your trust.

We will make sure that the confidential details given by adoptive parents will stay confidential and that any helpful information given by the biological mothers will be divulged to the adoptive parents confidentially, as is.

We always advise our clients to think carefully about their decisions, once the adoption is done, the child is part of the family and as with any natural children, there is no 'giving back'. Adoption is a long journey, and it involves the child's lifelong relationship with the new parents.

The loss of one's child is the gain of another. By surrendering the child over to the new parents, you have given them hope to be a whole family. Faithful has helped biological mothers through their pain and loss and have guided them out of depression.

Biological mothers do come to know that their decision is not one of loss but one of gain, as they have given their child a new beginning – a new life. One that has gained them love, happiness and a family who will give them their best. We have counseled many young teenagers and helped them get back on their feet, and we will also advise them to seek professional counseling and arrange it for them prior to giving up the child.

How to adopt

Adoption is a legal process through which an adopted child is put into the same position as a natural child of the parents. The rights of the biological parents about the child are given up and the rights and responsibilities of the adoptive parents are assumed by taking in the child.

The Adoption Procedure
Prior to the legal adoption procedure, intending adoptive parents must attend a Pre-Adoption Briefing, held by various Home Study Report agencies for this purpose. A letter of attendance will be given, after which you may proceed to Faithful to assist in locating a child.

The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sport (MCYS) will be involved and can provide advice and information and support to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who intend to adopt a child already resident in Singapore or a child from another country.

Requirements of Adoptive Parents
Must be:
Residents of Singapore
Above 25 years of age
At least 21 years older than the child
Adopting blood relatives – please seek MCYS approval

Requirements of Biological Parents
Must :
Sign an affidavit that is called 'Consent to Adopt'.
If married, must have the husband's approval
If unmarried, can sign singly, but must be 21 years and above
If unmarried and under 21 years must have consent of parents
Must divulge all true details pertaining to the family, father of child, etc

Singapore-born child
    •     No need for the parents to apply for HSR
    •     Identify a suitable child through Faithful
    •     Biological parents sign affidavit 'Consent to Adopt'
    •     Adoptive parents take temporary custody of the child
    •     Adoptive parents submit documents and provide details to the lawyer
    •     Lawyer proceeds with legal process
    •     Approval given by the Family Court
    •     Family Court issues new birth certificate showing the Adoptive Parents' as the parents of the child.

Foreign-born child
    •     Adoptive parents must have approved HSR in hand
    •     Identify a suitable child through Faithful

Adoptive parents apply for Dependant Pass Form 12A;
The checklist to be attached to Form 12A and submitted to MCYS for processing prior to arrival. Faithful will assist.

    •     Biological parents sign affidavit 'Consent to Adopt' in the country of origin
    •     Adoptive parents take temporary custody of the child
    •     Adoptive parents submit necessary documents and provide details to the lawyer
    •     Lawyer proceeds with legal process
    •     Approval given by the Family Court
    •     Family Court issues new birth certificate showing the Adoptive Parents' as the parents of the child.

Home Study Report

Without this letter, a Permanent Resident will not be able to adopt a foreign child.

The home study process involves interviews and home visits. First interviews are conducted in the offices of the Home Study Report agency and home interviews are conducted during home visits. The questions in the HSR are basically on your views of:

• Motivation to adopt
• Views on adoption
• Suitability as parents
• Readiness to adopt
• Family background
• Marital status
• Health and health check required
• Employment history
• Childcare arrangement
• Parenting styles

The home visits are conducted before and after custody of the child is taken. The purpose of the post custody home visit is mainly to access whether the child is comfortable and happy in the new environment.

List of Home Study Report Agencies

APKIM Center for Social Services
134 Arab Street
Singapore 199824
TEL: 6295 1011
FAX: 6293 2122
EMAIL: info@apkim.com
WEBSITE: http://www.apkim.sg

Fei Yue Community Services
Social Service Hub
298 Tiong Bahru Road
#03-02 Central Plaza
Singapore 168730
TEL: 6566 9830 / 6593 6456
FAX: 6569 5868 / 6274 5453
EMAIL: adoption@fycs.org
WEBSITE: http://www.fycs.org

Lutheran Community Care Services
Upper Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd
#17-04Singapore 588179
Tel: 6463 4734 Fax: 6467 4734
Email: adoption@lccs.org.sg
Website: www.lccs.org.sg

Singapore American Community Action Council – located at the American Club (SACAC Counselling) (for expatriates only)
10 Claymore Hill
Singapore 229573
TEL: 6733 9249
FAX: 6733 9321
EMAIL: admin@sacac.com
WEBSITE: http://www.sacac.sg

The SBL Vision Family Service Centre
Block 946 Tampines Ave 4
#01-338 Singapore 520946
TEL: 6544 2263
FAX: 6544 2253
EMAIL: sbl@sblvisionfsc.org.sg
WEBSITE: http://www.sblvisionfsc.org.sg/

TOUCH Family Services Limited
Block 162, Bukit Merah Central
#05-3545 Singapore 150162
TEL: 6317 9995
FAX: 6317 9989
EMAIL: adoption@touch.org.sg
WEBSITE: http://adoption.tcs.org.sg

Single Parent

Yes, good news for single woman who wish to adopt. The Singapore government has allowed such adoptions, but but they are assessed on a case-by-case basis. The key issue are being financially independent and having family support and approval.

Family with biological children

Families with biological (natural) children are also able to adopt.

Same Gender parents

At this stage we are not able to cater for same gender parents.

Legal Procedures

Once a suitable child has been located, our lawyers will file a petition with the Family Court Adoption Petition Service in the Attorney General's Chambers.

The Family Court will appoint the Director of Social Welfare, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) as Guardian In Adoption (temporary legal guardian or "guardian ad litem"). The MCYS then conducts any necessary investigations, draws up the affidavit http://app.subcourts.gov.sg/family/page.aspx?pageid=3767 and prepares the social investigation report. After the Family Court hears the petition, and assuming that everything is satisfactory the Family Court will then grant the Adoption Order; the ICA then issues a new birth certificate for the child showing the adoptive parents as the legal parents. A letter from the ICA will be mailed to you asking you to collect the new birth certificate. The whole process may take between 4-6 months.

Foreigners not living in singapore

Foreigners who are not residing in Singapore, will need to get clearance from their Embassies or High Commissions whether they are allowed to adopt from other countries and to identify the countries in which they are allowed to adopt. They are to obtain their final adoption order in their own countries.

Teenage Pregnancies

Teenage pregnancy can be a major problem in Singapore. They must be handled with care and compassion. Girls below the age of 21 years and not married will need the consent from their parents to surrender the child. The parents are required to sign the affidavit.

Teenaged mothers are required to declare the details of the father of the child, and if the father is unknown, to state as unknown.

Teenaged mothers will be advised to deliver in Kandang Kerbau Women and Children Hospital and consent to go for counseling. The social workers at the KK hospital will assist them. Alternatively, they can surrender to us at Faithful and we will assist them in the recovery period.

Once the affidavit is signed and the child is surrendered, as with the surrendering by adult mothers, there is no 'turning back'. The affidavit is final and it relinquishes the biological parents of their parental rights over the child.

For more details about Faithful Family Service, you may contact our staff at: customerservice@faithful.com.sg

The Fostering Scheme

MCYS is looking for foster parents to help in this area.

Criteria to be foster parents
must be residents of Singapore
preferably married
at least 25 years old
must be medically fit to care for children

For Application / More Information
Interested applicants for The Fostering Scheme or those who would like more information can:

Call us at our toll-free telephone number 1800-777 0000 (wef 1 August 2009);

Call our enquiry line : 6354-8799;

Read the pamphlet http:


Download the application form


FFS will be working with various Shelters in Malaysia, and they are requesting for donations to assist in their expansion programme. Details to be out soon

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For More Information

For more information on adoption in Singapore, please visit:
MSF (Ministry of Social and Family Development)
OR MSF Adoption Service
512 Thomson Road, #02-01/09 SLF Podium
Singapore 298137
Hotline: 6355 6388
Fax: 62584823
Email: msf_adoption@msf.gov.sg
Website: www.adoption.gov.sg